Get Ready to Uncover, Master, and Unleash Your Natural Gifts to Heal Yourself And Others Regardless of Your Experience Level!

Do you feel that you are spiritually gifted, highly intuitive, and empathic with a blazing soul-burden to gain total personal healing from past trauma AND help others, but don’t know how?

Lisa has been featured on…

Are you like I was years ago…

  • Sense you have a higher calling and giftings but don’t know what they are and how to use them?
  • ​Feel hung up and held back by past trauma and need holistic, deep healing from the inside out?
  • Carry a deep burden on your shoulders to help others heal and have happy, successful lives but don’t know the steps to get started?

Then I want to invite you to apply for the…

Soul Awakening Program

Training in and Licensing of the SOUL AWAKENING METHOD to earn a SOUL AWAKENING CERTIFICATE.

In this exclusive new program, you’ll master skills to…
Easily release Inherited Emotional DNA – heal and release tangled, trapped, and damaged energy and inherited patterns from your soul AND others.’ You’ll get all the steps and secrets for personal healing AND you’ll get all the tools you need to help paying clients too!
Uncover your truest life purpose, gain the confidence to activate it and create a simple action plan to fully walk in and manifest this unique purpose.
Swipe-and-deploy my ‘Soul Awakening Method’ to become a certified soul-healer – You’ll get my top-to-bottom, simple system used to work with clients, go deep, and release-and-heal them. This system is so powerful and transformational for clients – it’s the reason I stay booked up for weeks with eager, high-paying-clients. Now it’s all yours!
(Apply Now For the LIVE Certification Program During Early Registration Special to get Incredible Bonus Gifts)
My life opened up in ways I never thought possible…
“My life opened up in ways I never thought possible… Working with Lisa Thomas has completely transformed my life. I am making more money, working with more of my ideal clients, and enjoying the work that I do more than ever before.”

– Jaime Geffner, Geffner Productions

Who is Lisa Thomas?

Before I share more about how you’re going to finally step into your life purpose and be set free from blockages that have kept you from more success, happiness, love, and joy in life, let me tell you a little about me.

After all, you may be wondering, “Who is Lisa Thomas?”

I’ve been a transformational leader, intuitive coach, and Master Energy Healer and Teacher for years and I’ve helped thousands of people reach their next level of success by breaking cycles of struggle, upper limiting beliefs and negative patterns 1-on-1, as opposed to many who teach groups.

I do this by releasing inherited emotional DNA, which includes fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, false money beliefs, relationship drama, and business stagnation. I help clients access their spiritual gifts and activate their inner healer so they can use their gifts and live their purpose.
  •  Diamond in the Rough
You see, I believe you’re a huge, gleaming, extremely-rare diamond that’s already been discovered and refined. Now, you need to be perfected and displayed before the world.
That’s right, the ideal candidate for this certification program has already gained a measure of healing and has achieved a level of expertise in the healing field and is ready to put it all together in this modality that will bring you to the mastery stage.
Many clients of mine have revealed the silent disdain they had coursing through their veins from working jobs they loathed and pouring into relationships that leave them empty – ever giving and never receiving back. They finally did what you now have the opportunity to do – got healing from damaged inherited emotional DNA and leapfrogged to mastery of the principles of the SOUL AWAKENING METHOD.

This healing centers on ‘releasing’ inherited emotional DNA, such as:

  • Fear of success
  • ​Fear of failure
  • Chronic anxiety
  • Chronic procrastination
  • Fear of public speaking
  • False money beliefs
  • Relationship trauma
  • Business or career stagnation
You see, so much of how people feel and the negative habits and patterns we carry are actually inherited! It’s the underlying reason so many people lack the financial and business success they want, can’t seem to build the strong, lasting, and meaningful relationships they deserve, and can’t seem to overcome patterns and habits they know hold them back from their true purpose and destiny.
This trauma lies deep within their cells – it’s emotional pain on a cellular level!
What if there were a spiritual process to pinpoint and extract this damaged emotional DNA code and release the ‘informational tags’ that trigger sabotaging actions we can’t seem to break free of?

Of course, we cannot change the actual DNA code. However, we CAN influence the emotional expression of it!
Not only has it helped me guide my clients to heal at even deeper levels than before…
“I researched and researched…..coming across some amazing healing techniques but nothing that I personally resonated with. Then I came across Lisa’s Soul Awakening Method. WOW! This class far exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only has it helped me guide my clients to heal at even deeper levels than before but it has helped me to heal and overcome some habits of my own.”

– Candice Brammer

This is Key…

As a soul-healer, our job is to tap into our clients’ very own spiritual gifts and activate their inner healer so they actually self-heal these blockages.

Did you know there are many articles and studies now on the inherited patterns Jewish people have based on the suffering and trauma of their ancestors? There are even studies on how rats pass on negative emotional responses to their offspring.

Accept Your Calling to Heal

Do you question your ability to heal others? If you’ve ever felt like you were different than everybody else around you; like there was something in you that you’ve yearned for and haven’t known how to extract it, this is your opportunity.
If you’ve specifically felt spiritually gifted, very intuitive and empathetic towards others, you have all the raw ingredients to become a powerful and successful soul-healer!
  • Spiritually Gifted +
  • Very Intuitive +
  • ​Empathetic Towards Others =
  • ​Powerful and Successful Soul-Healer
Many people who feel gifted as healers do not feel confident charging for their services. If that’s you, please keep reading all the way to the end for a super-special treat! Here’s just a hint – I’ll show you how to be released from this limiting belief and command great fees for paying clients as a soul-healer. You’ll be able to create a viable side or full-time income.

Become Certified in the SOUL AWAKENING METHOD

Honestly, I’ve been booked up with high-paying clients for years as a healer. Sadly, I’ve been forced to turn away throngs of people, which hurt me dearly. Then it finally dawned on me to teach other naturally gifted people my method so they could start helping the people I couldn’t!
Utilizing my proven and easy-to-implement method for yourself and with paying clients, you too may enjoy a thriving spare-time, part-time, and even full-time practice as a Master Level Healer.

Take a look at the bookstore and library shelves, surf the internet and social media and you’ll find that spiritual tools and services offer real help to hurt people and it’s also BIG business. There are millions of hurting people seeking the help and healing of gifted, skilled soul-healers like you and me!

Course Modules

Here’s an overview of the course modules that will take you from experienced healer to master-level and certified soul-healer.
The following are the 3 core modules of the SOUL AWAKENING PROGRAM.

Module 1: EMPATH

In this life changing module, you will discover your empathic gifts and abilities. You’ll convert them into your super healing powers so you can become the healer you are capable of being.
You will also learn how to set healthy boundaries so you don’t take on other peoples’ negative energy.


This module gives you a powerful 3 step energy grounding process that will transform your body into a conduit through which heaven and earth energy flow through to your clients.
Once you are balanced and aligned your frequency lifts so you begin facilitating powerful healing sessions for yourself and your clients.


In this game-changing module, I will reveal to you the Soul Awakening Method! You will identify the 3 vibrational traps in the body and gain a simple process for clearing these traps. You’ll collect powerful tools for testing and validating the information you are receiving so you accurately diagnose the emotional ‘tags’ and then release and heal them.
You will gain the skill to clear negative energy and cords so that you can stop the pattern of giving your power away. You’ll create more freedom and space in your life to be who you truly are at the core of your being, instead of merely reacting to the urgent
This is a fully transferable method that you’ll swipe-and-deploy to launch and grow your own practice as a certified soul-healer! (Go ahead and claim it; you deserve it and hurting people need your help.)

Course Session Topics Include:

In this life changing class, you’ll learn to recognize and appreciate what it means to be truly Empathic. You’ll learn the Superpower and Kryptonite behind this powerful Gift. And be taught how to protect yourself from negative energies which can affect an Empath significantly.
You’ll also discover and identify your own Spiritual gifts, how to enhance them and use them to increase your intuition. This class will upgrade your internal GPS which will help you in your personal life and in your client work.
  • Session 2: TESTING & TRUSTING
In this hands-on session, you’ll receive my personal favourite, and most effective technique for listening to your own, and client’s body. We’ll get right into the Soul Awakening Method here, and learn to LOCATE precisely what negative emotional energy is at the root of an issue.
You’ll also begin to craft the different verbal questions to heal and release energetic blocks. Plus you’ll discover the two critical paths in which energy has been trapped and how this impacts your client work. This class will reduce the time it takes you to deliver life-changing results to your clients.
This powerful segment is where you’ll learn to energetically connect to your client’s energy field to facilitate their healing process. You’ll be trained to replace the negative block which has been released, with powerful, positive energy infused with healing properties and long-term loving vibrations.
You’ll acquire the skills to facilitate this work for in-person as well as remote settings as energy has no physical boundaries. When you complete this class you’ll be able to do more profound and transformational healing work, in-person and remotely.
I hold nothing back and you get it all! Here you’ll receive the exact phrasing I use in my own successful business. There’s no need to reinvent the process, simply use my own words. My resources become yours.
And we’ll walk through the full Soul Awakening Method and begin to practice on others: you’ll diagnose energetic traps, release them for yourself and your clients, and replace the void with positive, healing beliefs. This class alone will save you years of learning!
In this very important class, you’ll learn my specific techniques to close a session, which allows for the highest integration processes and then artfully disconnect from the energies.
You’ll acquire additional advanced techniques and you’ll be given plenty of resources to support a full healing session from top to bottom! The closing and disconnection process is crucial for you to avoid nasty surprises after completing your healing work with clients.
You’ll gain masterul insight into the cause of each root issue on the Emotional spectrum. You’ll receive an incredibly valuable resource to support your journey of healing others.
You’ll be instructed on new ways these negative emotions can show up in someone’s life, learn to enhance your intuition and expand your own healing capabilities. With this powerful instruction, you’ll go deeper with yourself or your clients, and heal them directly from the cellular DNA level.
Energetic Walls are blocks created by the subconscious to protect us from feeling pain or hurt. These can wrap around our heart and organs, making it impossible to let positivity and love in. In this incredibly healing class, you’ll learn to release layers and years of negativity strangling out the highest of vibrations.

You’ll also learn to cut Cords, which act like a highway for energy to pass from one person to another. Over the years, these attachments can result in resentment, anger, abandonment, or holding onto old, unhealthy patterns which repeat. Cord Cutting severs the negative energetic attachment to create space for new, positive connections. This potent process allows the people involved the ability to rebuild, heal and create deeper emotional connections in their relationships.
Often energetic connections aren’t necessarily negative. However, if there are too many attachments created with other people, YOUR energy suffers. You may feel exhausted always helping and being there for others, or feeling resentment at not having someone be there for you in the same manner.
In this essential class, you’ll discover solutions and learn to decipher when and how to protect your own energy system. You were not put on this Earth to suffer, and releasing your own energetic attachments is critical to your health and wellbeing. This class is vital for your long-term success and well-being as a healer.
You’ll be walked through many of my most powerful and successful tactics I’ve spent over a decade tweaking and refining. I’ve made many mistakes in business, and I want to set you up so you’re successful right from the get-go.
You’ll receive resources to support you in your business from the moment a potential client considers your work, to new client frameworks, to specific softwares I recommend. I hold nothing back and share my most practical and streamlined ways of running a business in the Healing modalities.
(Apply Now For the LIVE Certification Program During Early Registration Special to get Incredible Bonus Gifts)

Class dates are as follows at 10 am PT

  •  April 8th at 10 am PT
  • ​April 22nd at 10 am PT
  • May 6th at 10 am PT
  • ​  June 3rd at 10 am PT
  • ​ June 17th at 10 am PT
  • ​July 1st at 10 am PT
  • ​​July 29th at 10 am PT
  • ​August 12 at 10am PT
  •  You will also get all my “Charts” in PDF file format, which helps with doing the course lessons and scanning.
Once you complete all the course lessons you will receive your Soul Awakening Certificate! You’ll be a certified soul-healer – ready to gain self-healing for incredible, personal life transformation and the skills to command a lucrative income to heal others as much or as little as you’d like!

Course Tuition?

I am booked up to my eyeballs with individual clients for months. So, it’s more than reasonable to charge double or triple the fee of my individual client work for a certification program, yes? A fee of $9,997 would be a reasonable rate for this opportunity.
Imagine how much you’d pay for a Subway franchise! Somewhere around 50 to $70,000+ upfront and you’d still make no more than what you can make from home as a remote soul-healer!

Still, I’ll only charge the rate I charge individual clients for a few sessions, which totals $4,997. I can justify the time it will take to deliver all these classes that way.

However, if you’re one of the first 20 people to apply for the class before March 20th at Midnight Pacific Time and you are accepted, you’ll get the entire course for just $4,497, which is a jaw-dropping $500 OFF the regular tuition! If you can’t do $4597 upfront, you can do 6 payments of $850 (regular $950).

Unique Bonus: Additional Course Support

Throughout the course you’ll be able to submit your questions directly to me. I’ll review all the student questions and will release video answers to your questions which will be added to the course curriculum.
I want to see you succeed and celebrate your success which is why I’ve decided to offer this unique bonus and additional support. I’ll shine a light on any unclear areas to save you time and see you provide deeper healings.
  •  Additional Fast-Action Bonus Gifts
In addition to this $500 EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT, you’ll also get the following Fast-Action Bonuses for applying before March 20th at Midnight Pacific Time:
  • BONUS GIFT 1: The Money Acceleration Activations. This is a 3-hour class that heals your personal financial blocks so money can begin effortlessly flowing to you the way it was always meant to. This is my most popular class, valued at $500, yours free!
NOTE: One of the biggest roadblocks of healers is the fear and insecurity they have around charging for their services. That’s why in this session, and throughout, I will conduct release and healing sessions to remove your financial and prosperity blocks. You will release the belief that you cannot be paid to use your spiritual gifts. You will be set free to prosper by walking in your full purpose!!!
  • BONUS GIFT 2: Visibility and Positioning Class – You’ll learn how to get your message out faster and broadly to position yourself as an expert worthy of your fees so you never deal with clients who don’t want to pay what you’re worth. This class is valued at $199.
  • BONUS GIFT 3: Embracing Your Spiritual Gift Class ($199 Value) – I’ll show you how to share your newly-embraced spiritual gifts with your friends and loved ones for maximum acceptance. Many people have misconceptions about healing and if you don’t use this scripting, people may misinterpret and reject you, causing more trauma than you may already have had. This class is valued at $199.
  • BONUS GIFT 4: Masterclass Series “Activate Your Inner Healer” – On-Demand access to the 4-Part Masterclass, “ACTIVATE YOUR INNER HEALER.” This series was a smash-hit with rave reviews, so I want you to have access to these classic video classes.
All told, you get a total value $5,895 if you take action now – all for just $4,497!
That’s a huge savings of $1,398!
(Apply Now For the LIVE Certification Program During Early Bird Special to get Incredible Bonus Gifts)
“I own a small business acceleration firm. I have developed several proprietary processes and successfully implemented them with hundreds of small businesses in the United States. However, I always had an invisible revenue ceiling that I couldn’t breach. When I went through Lisa’s Money Management program. I became very clear about my business’ value in the market place and, more importantly, that I was worthy of the wealth and success my business could provide me and my family. I heartily recommend Lisa’s program. Simply put, it works!”

– JB Herrera, CEO of Perceptive Insights

Love From Clients

More Productive, More Confident and More Financially Secure
“Lisa is amazingly gifted and she knows how to use her gifts to help people heal and experience life like never before. She can release blockages that are keeping you from reaching your full potential. Please allow her to work with you and you will be forever grateful.”

– Linda Law Potts
Lisa actually made it possible for my body to heal…
“Her work lasts. It’s life changing! I was trapped, stuck, suffocating behind these old emotions I didn’t even know I had! Lisa actually made it possible for my body to heal. It’s not just some feel good for a day then back to old ways. Her work is life changing!”

– Sophia Dalton,
Lisa is one of the most powerful healers…
“Lisa is one of the most powerful healers I know. If you are ready to let go of your past and have a dramatic shift forward in all areas of your life, reach out to Lisa Thomas. I highly recommend her.”

– Allison Maslan, Allison Maslan International

Are you ready to:

Release and heal inherited patterns that have held you and others back on the joy, love, laughter, happiness, relationships, and financial prosperity you’ve been blocked from?
Gain the skills, tools, and secret methods to uncover, tap into, and totally step into your life purpose with clarity and confidence?

Possess the authority, systems, support, and certification to be a bona-fide and certified soul-healer to master this modality and take as many paying clients as you can handle?

The income you can generate from finally walking in your healing gifts and embracing your powers can transform your financial future forever.
Then don’t wait, act right now!

Apply to enroll into the SOUL AWAKENING PROGRAM and I’ll see you on the other side.
(Apply Now For the LIVE Certification Before the Bonuses Are Gone)
Soul Awakening allows you, the practitioner, to take your client’s healing to a deeper level…
“My own clients have reported to me that they feel the ‘deep dive’ Soul Awakening takes them on as they progress through a session. Lisa Thomas has also reminded me how critically important it is to trust my own intuition, to trust my own spiritual gifts and allow them to expand through my own experience as an energy healer.”

– Lisa Bailey, Living With Wholeness

I’m Here To Help - Schedule A Call

If you have questions or want to speak directly with Lisa before taking your next soul leap, here’s your opportunity!

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Sign Up For Soul Awakening Before March 20th To Get These Bonuses!

Your Investment $4,995 or 6 payments of $950

  • Soul Awakening Program ($10,000 Value)​
  • ​BONUS GIFT 1: Releasing Inherited Limited Beliefs ($3,000 Value)
  • ​ BONUS GIFT 2: Money Acceleration Program ($3,000 Value)
  • ​BONUS GIFT 3: Fear of Change Program ($3,000 Value)
  • ​BONUS GIFT 4: Releasing Money Blocks Program ($6,000 Value)
  • ​BONUS GIFT 5: Soul Awakening Class Retreat ($10,000 Value)

Total Value: $35,000


$ 4,995

One-time payment


$ 950

6 payments billed monthly


$ 4,997

One-time payment


$ 950

6 payments billed monthly

Love From Clients


Who is Lisa Thomas?
I’ve been a transformational leader, intuitive coach, and Master Energy Healer and Teacher for years and I’ve helped thousands of people reach their next level of success by breaking cycles of struggle, upper limiting beliefs and negative patterns 1-on-1, as opposed to many who teach groups.
I do this by releasing inherited emotional DNA, which includes fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, false money beliefs, relationship drama, and business stagnation. I help clients access their spiritual gifts and activate their inner healer so they can use their gifts and live their purpose.
When will the program be available?
Early registration ends March 29th, 2020 at Midnight Pacific Time and the first LIVE class starts April 8th, 2020.
How long will I have access to the program?
You will have lifetime access to the course materials.
What happens if I don't have background in this?
The ideal candidate for this course is a person who has some experience in healing, or a related modality, and wants to achieve mastery, however, this is not required if you are naturally gifted.
What happens if I'm an experienced healer?
You are an ideal candidate for this course as we will take you to Master Level Healer.
How long does it take to complete the program?
The live course is 15 weeks long because we will hold LIVE classes every 2 weeks, due to Lisa’s busy schedule.
What happens if I have questions during the program?
You’ll have an easy way to submit your questions directly to Lisa and she will periodically release videos with answers to student questions which will form part of the curriculum.
What happens if I have questions during the program?
You’ll have an easy way to submit your questions directly to Lisa and she will periodically release videos with answers to student questions which will form part of the curriculum.
I'm on the fence, is this really for me?
You’re encouraged to apply and meet with Lisa to see if the Sacred Awakening Program is a right fit for you. Lisa will give you her honest opinion without any sales pressure.