Attract the PROSPERITY you need, desire, and deserve... without stressing, pushing, or grinding. 

Do you just feel...STUCK around money?

Like no matter what, you stay in the same place?

You work more, work harder, and plan better. But every day you hit the same walls - and you’re at a loss for how to break through.

It’s NOT because you have a terrible work ethic. It’s also NOT because you’re “bad with money” or unlucky.

 Whether you’re making the bare minimum every month or struggling to break six figures, you have a problem with your MINDSET, both conscious and unconscious.
If you...
  • Only ever seem to have “enough to get by,” even though you grind every day 
  • Are a workaholic
  • Make plenty of money, but feel like you’ve hit a ceiling
  • Feel like you don’t deserve to make more money
  • Spend hours crunching numbers
  • Won’t even start on your dream, because you can’t imagine yourself making money doing something you love
Money is such a loaded thing for most of us, whether we consciously know it or not. And it’s something that goes much deeper than we think. Why?

Well, not only do we have blocks, fears, and misunderstandings that were conditioned into us during this lifetime, but we have limiting beliefs that have been passed down to us for generations. 

Because they’ve been in our genetic code for so long, they’re generally the ones that have the strongest hold on us.
… you’re going to majorly benefit from a 
money mindset DNA makeover.
Here’s the good news: 
it absolutely doesn’t have to stay that way. 
Money is easy. 

It’s the blocks we have around it that make it so complicated, hard, scary, and icky.

Remove them, and you’re able to step into the wealth that’s always been waiting for you. But even though most of us know we’re blocked in some way...we’re not sure why, or how to get past it. 
That's why I created the Money Acceleration Series
With three in-depth visualizations and activations, you will completely transform your money beliefs and start living in abundance. 

You will release all your biggest holds, whether you’re aware of them or not.

This series is uniquely tailored to uncover both personal AND inherited energy patterns.

If you’ve tried meditations or visualizations that didn’t “stick,” I understand you might be a little uncertain.

But the reason other meditations often don’t work is that they only scratch the surface of the issue. And here’s why:

While they may help you address your own blocks, other meditations or visualizations don’t solve the deeply entrenched ancestral blocks.

With those still around, it doesn’t matter how many new stories you consciously create for yourself - they don’t usually last.

I speak directly to the subconscious and release all the most strongly held negative beliefs around success that hold you back
- so the results you experience are permanent.
Get all the tools you need right now to accelerate money, wealth, and abundance coming into your life, for only $297
Here is what some of the current Money Acceleration Series Clients are saying:
“My business tripled after working with her”
-Diane Forster

“I noticed results right away because it’s powerful work. I immediately felt things shifting and knew that I was releasing old stuff that had been around for a long time that was definitely not serving me.”
-Sarah Glicken

“Not only did clients and higher-end opportunities started falling into my lap - I finally felt confident enough to take them on” 
- Ariana Dokhanchy

“I'm delighted with the results I've received from working with Lisa, and often refer Lisa to my friends and clients.”
-P.K. Odle

“She transformed my life and I am forever grateful!”
-Marga Marcias

“Lisa’s work is a profound gift and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”
-Aline Love

“In the years I've had the pleasure of knowing Lisa I've discovered that she is nothing short of miraculous.”
-Buzz Noe

When you enroll in the Money Acceleration series, you will:
  •  Release your unconscious blocks, both learned and inherited
  •  Rewrite your beliefs around money so that they serve YOU
  •  Draw in more money-making opportunities
  •  Feel the confidence to raise your prices and gain more clients
  •  Receive more gifts from the universe (from finding a penny to meeting a high-paying new client)
  • ​Immediately feel more productive, empowered, and inspired to create prosperity for yourself
My goal is to show you that it’s absolutely possible for you to make more money - and have fun doing it.
Along with releasing unhelpful energy, my clients start drawing in opportunities.  They literally start to make more money after these activations... sometimes right away.
I want you have all the tools you need right now to accelerate money, wealth, and abundance coming into your life.
“Every time I work with Lisa, I end up making more money.”
Candice Bar On air personality Luxe Life radio. Celebrity interviewer. Entrepreneur.

"At the time, working with Lisa was a lot of money. Plus, I didn’t invest in myself a lot. So, if it wasn’t something tangible, then I didn’t believe it to be true. The work that she does, I hadn’t done anything like that before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Lisa’s really great because a lot of people are very spiritual, but Lisa gets to the science and logic of spirituality without being super spiritual about it. So, she’s great for people that are just coming into that. This is the internal work and internal self-care that we typically don’t know we need. It’s not always so easy and black and white. Lisa takes care of the grey area that a lot of us tend to forget about. She helps us be our full self because we can’t operate at our best until all the blocks are checked off. Money, lifestyle, spirituality. Lisa does an amazing job of just helping you be your full person running at your maximum. Every time I see her and I leave her space, even if I didn’t go in for financial reasons, I will make more money."

Candice Bar
On air personality Luxe Life radio. Celebrity interviewer. Entrepreneur.
“About as close to a magic pill as you can possibly get”
Jaime Geffner, Geffner Production
“My life opened up in ways I never thought possible… Working with Lisa Thomas has completely transformed my life. I am making more money, working with more of my ideal clients, and enjoying the work that I do more than ever before. The things that are happening now for me in my business are a direct result of the energy healing work I’ve done with her. It’s about as close to a magic pill as you can possibly get to help you move forward in your life. If you’re considering it, just do it. Give it a try. You’ll be so glad that you did.” 
- Jaime Geffner 
Geffner Production
“I am earning more money than I’ve ever made before!”
Andrea Albright  Founder, Publisher, and CEO at Beverly Hills Publishing
 “Today, I am earning more money than I’ve ever made before! Lisa eliminated inherited money blocks and old patterns of attracting the wrong people. My entire life has much more harmony, happiness and financial abundance.” 
- Andrea Albright 
Founder, Publisher, and CEO at Beverly Hills Publishing
Each of the three in-depth activations is a step towards breaking down a different block around money. 

I walk you through the whole thing; you relax, listen and reap the benefits.
1 - Releasing Inherited Money Beliefs
Preparing the body to heal the inherited beliefs dictating your money mindset.

Many of our limitations around money aren’t just false, they aren’t even ours.

They’re the experiences our ancestors had that have been passed down to us through our genetic code (some for more than ten generations). Luckily, we don’t have to live with them forever!

While it’s nobody’s fault, letting them go is the first step to taking back your power. 
2 - Honoring Money

Develop a stress- and guilt-free relationship with earning, spending, and giving money.

Money is currency, currency is energy, and energy is abundant.

But more often than not, we block that abundance by penny-pinching, overspending, undervaluing our services or feeling guilty about it.

This guided visualization heals your stories around money so you’re not just maintaining your money but enjoying it, too.
3 - Attracting Money

Get in flow and start attracting the money you want.

This is where we tap into the real magic. With your blocks gone, you’re now ready for the actual healing to take place.

You’ll align your inner desires with your outer reality - and magnetize the money that’s already waiting for you. 
  • MP3 downloads of the activations for replay
  • PDF downloads of the affirmations
  •  Money Acceleration Action Worksheets
  • Detailed instructions to help you accelerate the healing process
All you have to do is listen to each activation twice, with 48 hours between each listen. 
Then, watch the results unfold!
How quickly can I expect to see results?
The body continues to be in “releasing mode” for up to 48 hours after the healing takes place - so many people tend to see the changes after a few days. However, sometimes the shifts are noticeable right away.
How do I know when my energy has shifted?
Most often, people report feeling like a “weight” has been lifted, but it shows up in many different ways, such as ideas, realizations, breakthroughs, success in a business deal, sudden changes in old patterns, synchronicities (from finding a penny to meeting a new client), and more.
Do I have to be awake for the healing to take place?
For the best results, you should stay awake during Parts One and Two. 
During Part Three, you can fall asleep and still see all the benefits of the healing.
Can I listen while driving?
It is not recommended to listen to these activations while operating a vehicle, heavy machinery, or anything that will distract you. 
Lisa Thomas, creator of the acclaimed Soul Awakening Method™, is a leader in the transformation space and has helped thousands shift their lives by tapping into their Epigenetics and healing the wounds of the past that held them back from the lives they wanted.

She is an advocate for a powerful new future and is doing her part to help us reach it by helping her worldwide audience release the DNA coding that has passed down deep-seated fears and anxiety that have stopped them from creating the health, wealth, and relationships they crave.

Lisa is a personal consultant to many six-figure and multi-six-figure business owners, working with them to break free from the shackles of their inherited beliefs, allowing them to unleash their true capabilities, and have the global impact they know they are capable of.

Author of the enlightening book "Mistakes Into Money," Lisa's influence is recognized globally in the media: She has been featured in USA Today and on Good Morning LaLa Land, amongst others, as well as many podcasts and stages around the world.
Guarantee: This is backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee. I want you to be happy with my Money Acceleration Series. And if you're not, no problem.

If after the first healing activation, within 30 days of your purchase date, you feel it's not for you, email me and I will issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

I am so confident that you will find value in this program, I am happy to allow you to evaluate it.
It’s totally possible for you to draw in the prosperity you need, desire, and deserve...without stressing, pushing, or grinding. 
In fact, it’s not just possible - it’s your divine right! 

You’re able to start receiving and achieving the wealth you wish for today. The only question is whether you’re ready.
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