It’s time to get unstuck and move gracefully towards joy, peace and abundance.

Do you feel stressed out and wish you had a supportive community of friends and a continual inflow of FOOD For Your SOUL that delivers lifelong healing, joy, peace and purpose?

You’re Invited to Become A Founding Member of the...
Want to heal your…
  • Finances and build wealth?
  • Body, lose weight and get fit?
  • Career or business and shoot to the top of your game?
  • Sex life and end finally find Mr. or Ms. ‘Right?’
  • Soul and emotions and gain healing from past experienced or inherited trauma?
The way to achieve all of these worthy goals is the same - get in community with those who are winning in that area and start reading and listening to content conducive with the change you want to see. 

…change your playground and change your playmates with the...
"I love working with Lisa Thomas because she helped me become...ME! That person I always had inside of me and those things that I wanted and those dreams that I had...working with her has put them in reality. I’m able to know myself, love myself and live the life I always wanted to live NOW and not 20, 30 or 40 years from now. I trust her with my feelings."

- Lisa Weber


You’re invited to become a Founding Tribe Member of my first-ever inner tribe group which will deliver…

Consistent ‘SOUL-FOOD’ 

Your physical body needs nutritious and wholesome food every single day and so does your soul! You’ll get monthly and weekly affirmations, meditations and a library of materials that heal you, help you break free from the rut your in and transform your life

Supportive Community 

It’s clinically proven that we’re bound to act like and become like those we are around. If you plan to become the best version of YOU, you’re going to need the support of this tribe of friends and cheerleaders to spur you on each day, month and year of your growth!

LIVE Engagements

Once a quarter, tribe members will meet live via video call where we laugh, connect, conduct a live Clearing to release any negative energy and heal your soul.
Do you feel…
  • Stuck in unhappiness and wish you knew now to ‘fix yourself’
  • Trapped in a financial rat-race and want to figure out how to break the emotional cycle that keep you chasing your tail
  • Stressed out, freaked out, spazzed out all the time and wish you could find the “OFF” button to finally be able to relax, experience peace and joy
  • Terror starts pouring over you every Sunday evening as you realize the next day is...MONDAY
  • Like a broken record, repeating the same destructive habits, thoughts and patterns you KNOW you should have dropped years ago
  • Like Rubberband-Man - stretching yourself into who you really want to be just to snap back into your old patterns when met with resistance
  • Held hostage in dysfunctional relationships and wish you knew how to break free and/or radically transform the dynamics to a healthy place
So often we are bogged down by the day to day, stuck in the same habits and feeling the same things. Honestly, most people NEVER break free. Perhaps you know you aren't where you want to be and that something better is just waiting for you to make one SHIFT to ‘fall in’ to your destiny.

You aren’t alone! In fact, half of all adults say they experienced a major stressful event in the past year. That works out to more than 115 million people in the last 12 months alone!.
Stress, frustration, fear, sadness and disappointment affects your mind, your body, your relationships with others and your happiness. But the brokenness doesn’t stop there.

Mental and emotional stress leads to  physical illness, including respiratory, digestive, cognitive and a host of other physiological problems.

These negative emotional forces also destroy relationships, careers, finances and steal dreams away forever.

It’s time for you to break free for good and finally experience a clear awakening to live your best life for the rest of your life.

Because We All Need Daily Soul Food to Maintain Daily Soul Happiness

After years of delivering healing and coaching thousands of clients, one of the primary roadblocks to on-going and lasting success is the lack of support system they have and all the ‘life-suckers’ their lives are filled with.

Dysfunctional you’re stuck with...bad friends...bosses who abuse their power...crazy neighbors and more hurt you constantly. Their dysfunction just retears the soul wounds that have been healing so well.

Another factor leading to clients reverting back into their own destructive patterns is they stopped consuming the transformational ‘soul-food’ I was feeding them and went back to the junk-food that got them STUCK in the first place!

I’ve seen far too many amazing clients of mine, who’ve made incredible transformations to become the purpose-filled individuals they always wanted to be, slip back into old, destructive patterns because failed to change their negative community and negative consumption.

“Change Your Playground, Change Your Playmates”

We hear that axiom all the time and it’s true in ALL areas of our lives, isn’t it?
That’s why I’m inviting you to the…

What is CLEAR?

I want to help set you free from stress and finally exude joy
  • Confidence - to uplevel your career or business
  • Live - fully and embrace all aspects of life with gratitude
  • Empower - to take action in your life
  • Activate - the power within you 
  • Release - what’s holding you back
If We Haven’t Formally Met...
My name is Lisa Thomas, and I am a Master Energy and Soul Healer.

My greatest joy is helping people
, just like you, become empowered and confident to be the very best version of themselves, by eliminating patterns and blocks you may not even be aware of. My expertise in removing ancestral energy blocks and empowering you to restore confidence and clarity in your life purpose. I believe your soul has a purpose on this earth, and by reconnecting your purpose to your divine nature you’ll experience a life of love, joy and financial abundance.

How do I do this?
I specialize in identifying, “Inherited Patterns” in the energy system that exist in and around the body; then unlock these inherited stuck energies that contribute to negative patterns and symptoms in life. Inherited patterns such as anxiety, lack of confidence and negative false belief systems create manifestations of lack and even lead to recurrent patterns of self-sabotage!  

Sound familiar?
If you’re ready to finally break free of these patterns by joining a community of healing and fully immersing yourself in monthly SOUL-FOOD that feeds your mind and soul - delivering healing and transformation each and every month, I want to personally invite you to my groundbreaking CLEAR AWAKENING HEALING TRIBE.

This healing community and inner tribe will help you breakthrough in core areas that include love, money, career, relationships, self-image, health and more. You’ll return to or for the first time experience balance and flow, which allows more happiness, joy, self-love and gratitude to enter your heart, soul and life. 
"Working with Lisa Thomas has impacted my life on many different levels. She released a ‘23rd great grandmother that had been locked up in a dungeon by the king and starved to death’ and was giving me a stomach issue. And she cleared something in me that came when I was age 3, where I felt inadequate all my life. So it’s made me calmer when I’m around other people. And she has cleared things that has affected my business. She this has changed me physically, emotionally and financially."

- P.K. Odle

Get unstuck and move gracefully towards joy, peace and abundance. 
This group is comprised of like-minded people who are focused on clearing out the stress and negative self-talk to fully embrace the positive, life-building joy, peace and love that awaits. You have a greater chance of success in this group dynamic to see lasting results than you do going it alone. This loving and supportive group can’t wait for you to join us!

Here’s some of the ways you’ll grow month-after-month as a Founding Member of this tribe:

Eliminate Inner Conflict

Learn to make quick, confident decisions and experience more productivity.

Experience Your Truth

Own your voice and experience gratitude to love life again.
Gain More Awareness

Better understand your family dynamics. 
Release Old Patterns

Manifest an amazing future by releasing what is not serving you.
Improve Communication

Build better, more functional and fulfilling relationships with better communication at work and home.

Attract Dream Opportunities

And have the confidence to seize them to change your life, outlook and confidence.
Create a Morning Routine

That allows you to feel connected and empowered each day.
Positive Business Growth

Conquer limiting beliefs, inherited money beliefs so that you can increase your money flow and business growth.

What You Get in the TRIBE?

Finally...the tribe of YOUR life! I’ve designed this program to deliver CLEAR empowerment concepts, meditations, healings and tools to you each month along with a community of friends who encourage your growth. You’ll find fulfillment via the power of shared experience, support and encouragement from like-minded friends.


  • Energy & DNA Activation MEDITATIONS: Each month, the CLEAR Awakening Online Member Area will be updated with a new topic and hour-long meditation that you can work through on your own, to help you transform inherited patterns, release blockages and activate the power and joy lying dormant within you. You’ll have access to the growing library of topics and meditations so you can go back and continually gain deeper soul healing and renewal.
  • Energy & DNA Activation AFFIRMATIONS: Each month you'll be sent positive affirmations that support you in your journey of transformation. Many people are programmed with the same negative self-talk that plays in their subconscious forever. These affirmations will attack the negative self-talk and begin to infuse your subconscious self-image with positive, life-giving reinforcement. Image how aligned your self-image will be with who you want to be after 12 months of these affirmations!
  • SOUL Calibration: Each month I'll send you a special check-up document and video from me, walking you through a month of reviewing your shifts, transformations and opportunities for continued growth. This is critical because you can’t know where you are until you retrace the steps of where you’ve been. And when you know where you are you can easily determine the best next step to take you to the place you want to be!
  • LIVE Energy Clearings & DNA Activation (TM) VIDEO CALLS: Once a quarter, I will hold a LIVE one hour, group video call delivering an energy clearing to help you breakthrough your biggest roadblocks. We'll also have time for questions to help you overcome present hurdles so you may have a straight path in your healing journey.
  • Private Facebook Group: This is where you’ll be able to connect as much as you want with other friends who are a part of this exclusive Healing Tribe. Gain fulfillment from this supportive community of like-minded people. Ask questions, share experiences, laugh and connect deeply with friends who are on the same journey to peace, joy and purpose-filled living.
  • Motivational Affirmation Text Messages:​ You’ll get motivational affirmations texted to you​ 3 times a week to activate and support you in your journey.
"My husband passed away 6 years ago. It takes time and a lot of work to process grief. And I felt like I was stuck in a spot I couldn’t get out of. And I knew I’d be able to unblock my heart. I had a really big heart wall and she found a way to break down that wall to allow love to flow again."

- Arnita Sass Connell
Areas we’ll activate and support:
  • Allowing love into your life
  • Eating and wellness
  • Releasing the weight that doesn’t serve you
  • Releasing anxiety
  • Clearing the path to business success
  • Attracting money
  • Procrastinating success
  • Releasing family drama
  • Clearing the fear of change
  • Releasing the blocks preventing positive relationships
  • Unclutter your soul
  • Connecting to your intuition 
But this program is NOT for everyone! 
Before joining this Healing Tribe, there’s something you should know…

This program is not for everyone. You see, some people are addicted to their negative self-talk, their patterns and stress. They’re so stuck in their rut they’ve become the proverbial ‘frog in a kettle.’ Change for these people is unwelcomed because it’s uncomfortable and requires effort. So, this program is NOT for you if…

  • You are stuck in your ways and don’t want help changing
  • You are comfortable in your old story
  • You are resistant to change, help or suggestions from others
  • You are addicted to inner and outer conflict
But if you truly want to get ‘unstuck’ from your rut and experience life transformation, experience happiness and have a fulfilling life you love, then this program is perfect for you to awaken the life you want.

If you want to connect with others who are on the same journey of soul awakening and purpose-filled living and would love a caring tribe of support and camaraderie and friendship, then this program is for you!

If you want to create inner peace, to go to bed grateful for the day and wake up energized for a new day this program is for you.

Membership Investment

Private clients have paid thousands of dollars for life-changing healing sessions. And it’s well worth it for the soul healing and life transformation that awakens their true potential and sets them free from the self-imposed limits that held them back for so long.

The challenge is that as I've gone to help transform countless lives my schedule is fully booked and I frequently have to turn down people seeking healing. That didn't sit right with me. I had to find a solution... and I found one... the CLEAR AWAKENING HEALING TRIBE!

The great news is that even though you’ll gain access to my meditations, affirmations, LIVE clearing sessions, private Facebook group and more, you won’t have to wait months or years for my calendar to open up. You can be a part of this exclusive tribe today.

You see, I’m launching the CLEAR AWAKENING HEALING TRIBE now, which means you get to be a Founding Tribe Member!

Join now to be a Founding Tribe Member and receive the best price possible. 

Once the Founding Tribe Members reach 100 members you will continue to enjoy your great savings while new members will join at the regular rate.

Founder's Tribe Member (3 Months) 
Limited to 100 Founders


quarterly, auto-renewed each 3 months.
Cancel any time.

Founder's Tribe Member (Monthly) Limited to 100 Founders


monthly, auto-renewed each month.
Cancel any time.

Founding Member Bonus Gifts

If you are one of the first 100 Members to join this exclusive TRIBE, you will be a Founding Tribe Member. As such, you will receive additional special bonuses, which include:
  • Discounts on upcoming programs and preferred access through our exclusive community
  • Fear into Action Complete Program after month 10 ($495 value)
  • Lifetime membership savings for as long as you remain a Founding Tribe Member (Save 35%+!)
Remember, you only get these if you take action fast! We have very limited quantities of these physical items and once they’re gone, they’re gone! We are only accepting 100 Founding Tribe Members.
So don’t wait, join today.

See Yourself in the Future
Take a moment and imagine how far you could go, the relationships you could forge, the career success and financial freedom you could attract without the negative self-talk and sabotaging patterns you’re stuck with.

Can you see yourself...
  • finding work you love and making twice the income…
  • building a loving, fulfilling marriage or finally finding ‘the one’ and being healthy enough to not screw it all up…
  • dropping 10, 30 or more pounds of weight to reveal the body you know is hiding underneath by eating and exercising because you finally have learned to love yourself... 
...all because we finally helped you tap into the endless source of joy, peace and love lying underneath all the years of inherited and experienced trauma and pain!
Pinch’s’re feel alive. You feel whole, you make more money, you have great, life-giving friends and you’ve put the life-suckers in their place. You’ve got self confidence, respect and deep love.

Your smile is magnetic, you log into the TRIBE library each month, you read and receive the affirmations texted to you 3 times a week, you’ve committed several to memory. You’re feeding your emotions GOOD food, SOUL-FOOD!

Everybody around you sees a new you and they love it. They want some of that for themselves.

This is the future YOU!!! Embrace her/him today.


Who is Lisa Thomas?

I’ve been a transformational leader, intuitive coach, and Master Energy Healer and Teacher for years and I’ve helped thousands of people reach their next level of success by breaking cycles of struggle, upper limiting beliefs and negative patterns 1-on-1, as opposed to many who teach groups.

I do this by releasing inherited emotional DNA, which includes fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, false money beliefs, relationship drama, and business stagnation. I help clients access their spiritual gifts and activate their inner healer so they can use their gifts and live their purpose.

When will the program be available?

Since this is the launch of this new group, we will publish the first month of all the materials mentioned above on starting in December 2019. Anyone joining after that date will have access to materials. However, you gain access to the Facebook Group as soon as you join.

How long will I have access to the program?

You will have access to the materials and group based on the period you purchased. If you’re paying monthly, as long as you continue renewing your membership. Each month’s payment gives you 30 days of access to the group and all the materials.

Will my monthly fee go up after the special offer period expires?

No! If you are one of the 100 Founding Members, you lock in your discounted membership (and save 35%+) and will keep that pricing even when the Founding Members Tribe is complete and the monthly fee is $147 for others.

I’m on the fence, is this really for me?

It costs you very little to try this program for at least 2 months to give yourself time to start seeing and experiencing life transformation from the constant flow of affirmations, meditations, group support and other ‘SOUL-FOOD’ that will build you and heal you and set you free!

©2019 Lisa Thomas- All rights reserved.