It’s time to get unstuck and move gracefully towards joy, peace and abundance.

Activate the power within you to experience less stress, deeper connections, a profitable and enriching career, a loving life, full of energy and joy!
The clear awakening Group
First 20 Members Only $111/mo
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So often we are bogged down by the day to day, stuck in the same habits and feeling the same things. It's so easy to feel like that rut can’t change. Perhaps you’ve always known that you aren’t where you want to be and that something bigger and better is out there for you. Perhaps you woke up one day and realized that you….  

  • feel stuck, unhappy, and don’t know how to ‘fix it’
  • aren’t making the money that you want in your business and not getting ahead as fast as you’d like
  • feel stress and anxiety consistently and crave peace and joy
  • experience “Monday Dread” way too often 
  • are repeating the same habits, thoughts and patterns over and over again
  • are feeling like you’ve tried everything to create change and nothing has worked long term
  • your relationships are stagnant or emotionally harmful and you aren’t sure how to change it
You aren’t alone! In fact, half of all adults say they experienced a major stressful event in the past year. That works out to more than 115 million people.

Stress affects your mind, your body, your relationships with others and your happiness. It can physically alter your body and create health issues including your heart, gastric issues, mental health. The list is too long to delve into! 

It affects how you communicate with others and how well connected you are, the harmony between your family members and the joy you can receive from those relationships. 

It affects your sleep and ability to function during the day, physically and mentally. 

I want to help end this stress for you and instead
bring you joy
First 20 Members Only $111/mo
*Reg $147/mo
  • Confidence - to pursue your aligned career path
  • Live - fully and embrace all aspects of life with gratitude
  • Empower - to take action in your life
  • Activate - the power within you 
  • Release - release what’s holding you back
My name is Lisa Thomas, and I am an energy healer.
My greatest joy is helping people, just like you, become empowered and confident to be the very best version of themselves, by eliminating patterns and blocks you may not even be aware of. My expertise in removing ancestral energy blocks empowers confidence and clarity in your life purpose. I believe your soul has a purpose on this earth, and by reconnecting your purpose to your divine nature you’ll experience a life of love, joy and financial abundance.

How do I do this?
I specialize in identifying, “Inherited Patterns” in the energy system that exist in and around the body; then unlock these inherited stuck energies that contribute to negative patterns and symptoms in life. Inherited patterns such as anxiety, lack of confidence and negative false belief systems create manifestations of lack and even lead to recurrent patterns of self-sabotage!  

Sound familiar?
Those who participate in my healing community consistently receive breakthroughs around the subjects of love, money, career, relationships, self-image, nutrition and more. They return to a place of balance and flow which allows more happiness, joy, self-love and gratitude to enter their experience.

First 20 Members Only $111/mo
*Reg $147/mo
Get a CLEAR Awakening.

Get unstuck and move gracefully towards joy, peace and abundance. 
I want to help as many people as I can, to make change, unlock stuck energies, change inherited patterns and gracefully move towards a balanced life with more happiness, joy, self-love and gratitude. 
Eliminate inner conflict

Learn to make quick, confident decisions and experience more productivity.

Experience your truth

Own your voice and experience gratitude to love life again.
Have more awareness

Better understand your family dynamics. 
Release old patterns

Manifest an amazing future by releasing what is not serving you.
Improve communication

At work and home. Have more awareness to create more fulfilling relationships.

Attract wonderful opportunities

And have the confidence to seize them to change your life, outlook and confidence.
Create a morning routine

That allows you to feel connected and empowered each day.
Positive business growth

Conquer limiting beliefs, inherited money beliefs so that you can increase your money flow and business growth.

What Does The Program Include?
  • Monthly Energy & DNA Activation Meditations: Each month, the CLEAR Awakening Member Area will be updated with a new topic and mediation that you can work through on your own, to help you change inherited patterns, release what's blocking you and activate the power and joy within.
  • Access to the Energy Clearings & DNA Activation (TM) Call recordings in the exclusive CLEAR Awakening Member Area to revisit when needed. It's always beneficial to revisit what's blocking you to release it further and activate the power within you. 
  • Monthly Energy & DNA Activation Affirmations: Each month you'll be sent affirmations that support you in your journey.
  • Monthly Transformation Check Ins: Each month you'll be sent a questionnaire to review your shifts, transformations and see what you still need to work on.
  • Live Energy Clearings & DNA Activation (TM) Calls: Every three months Lisa will deliver a one hour, live, group meeting to experience a live clearing to help you with your biggest challenges. Plus we'll have time for any questions to help you overcome any hurdles and experience more in your healing journey. 
  • Exclusive Facebook Group, to get support, ask questions, be inspired and connect with others with the same goals. 
  • Motivational Awakening Affirmation text messages​ 3 times a week to activate and support you in your journey.  
Areas we’ll activate and support:
  • Allowing love into your life
  • Eating and wellness
  • Releasing the weight that doesn’t serve you
  • Releasing anxiety
  • Clearing the path to business success
  • Attracting money
  • Procrastinating success
  • Releasing family drama
  • Clearing the fear of change
  • Releasing the blocks preventing positive relationships
  • Unclutter your soul
  • Connecting to your intuition 
But this program is NOT for everyone! 
Hey, I get it, this program is not for everyone. Some people are addicted to their stories, their patterns and stress and don’t want to create change. They may complain, but deep inside they stay in the same place. This program is not for you if…

  • You are stuck in your ways and don’t like change
  • You are comfortable in your old story
  • You are resistant to change, help or suggestions from others
  • You are addicted to inner and outer conflict
  • You are a skeptic until proven differently
But if you truly want to create change, learn how to be a happier person and have a fulfilling life you love, then this program is perfect for you to awaken the life you want. 

If you are wanting to connect with others that feel the same way you do, and want to support you and hold you up to be the best version of you, then this program is for you. 

If you want to create inner peace, to go to bed grateful for the day and wake up energized for a new day, this program is for you. 

What are you waiting for?

I truly want this for you.  You can be the BEST version of you, and operate at your highest frequency every single day.
First 20 Members Only $111/mo
*Reg $147/mo
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